Mar. 22nd, 2008

nitro_is_ace: (bebe!cheetah)
Pups involved
Poitr and/or River
Doctor - Eight
Raven and/or Galadan (to go with the and/or River)

Tentative Plot Outline
1) Perivale needs updating, and thus, developers are courted to rebuild and refurnish large parts of the devitalized city center. The former youth center (sekritly Cheetah Central) is one of the 'to be destroyed' zones.
2) Meanwhile, back in Milliways, a Plan is made to escape the chilly Scottish weather and go play at the beach. Can start with Ace and Spoon, then grabbing Mal and Muldoon and Raven, and them grabbing River and Galadan and Kate and Poitr? Or some combination thereof? Or the crowd accidentally just scooping up anyone left out? Yis? *obviously a fuzzy point*
3) TARDIS Steering Accident, wherein the wrong coordinates were entered in all the excitement, and instead of a lovely tropical beach, they're in Perivale. For great Ace going 'waugh'. People can then escape said TARDIS before Ace can take off again, and a kitling (the feline version of a vulture) can be found, thus triggering an emergency call for the Doctor from Ace (because Cheetahs WAUGH). For great 'was calling the Doctor a multiple choice question?'
4) Let's make this easy: Let's tell the board not to destroy the Youth Center.
This, of course, does not work. For great wanting to hit minor officials with their own nameplates. Or actual hitting of minor officials with their own nameplates, since quite a few of this bunch are known to be on the violent side.
4) The problem being with fighting Cheetahs on their own turf is you do it too much, or too happily, and the enemy will be you, soon enough. And I doubt Ace'd be too happy with the killing of kitties (unless it's kitlings - death to kitlings) because they are people, like Kara was people (though Mitch, one of the original british-cheetahs and an old friend of hers, he might not have been people). ANYWAY. Thought - if they were burned out of their current home, they'd go seek greener pastures, like the original band of Cheetahs did in 'Survival'. OR OTHER IDEA TO BE SUGGESTED GOES HERE.
a) Other idea the first: The werewolf contingent, already infected with what might consider the anti-cat, rout out the Cheetah contingent.
5) Side-plots of doom, feel free to add more, because DW is made of sideplots.
a) There are currently (as of 2006) Highland Cows in Perivale, in the park where Ace used to hang out with her mates. The date of cow-arrival would have to be shoved back into the 1990's, or else these would be rather elderly Cheetahs, but still. For great Bovine Conspiracy.
b) Possible: The Doctor still owes those grocers money for all that cat food.
c) Spoon + Perivale = (Ace's parents + crowbar) - telephone
d) Rabastan needs heroing training: We has our own Mickey! Except he's sometimes fuzzy. And doesn't have a body double. And they're cats, not green gassy things.

Ideas? Questions? Comments? Random emoticons?


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