Mar. 25th, 2008

nitro_is_ace: (Totally my best idea ever)
Updated List o'Pups
Doctor - Eight
+/- Kate?

Threads/Plot Points to be Accomplished
1) Pre-plot: The Cheetahs take exception to a nosy architect and his crew making holes in their walls.

2)Arrival in Perivale
- Cast = everyone sans Doctor
- General escaping into the wilds of suburban Perivale
- Someone needs to find a terribly cute black kitty that is actually a feline vulture. Oops?
- Cue flailing
- Scattering - Rabastan, not enjoying this vacation nearly as much as he had hoped (aliens and no magic and bigger on the inside eek!) heads for the hills (and supposedly greater sanity). A group us after him to bring him back. Raven, Mal, River (+/-Kate?) are our chasers-of-loose-werewolf. Note: There is a London Tube station in the area. This group could go quite far afield, if wanted.
- Bovine conspiracy?

3)Calling on the Doctor
Cast - Ace, Spoon, Muldoon, Doctor, (+/- Kate?)
-... Explanatory title, yes.
- Also, Roger: What would Eight have to say about Ace's death-challenged condition? :D

4) Cat Food: On Sale Now!
- On the way back, Rabastan in tow, our intrepid London explorers have the great misfortune of running into the local cat pack. Raven and Rabastan (And possibly River) are surrounded and captured (thus creating our fantastic damsels in distress), and the rest (Mal +/- Kate) can run for help. Or flag down random cars for help. ... Can Mal drive? >.> Various levels of kick-ass awesomeness to be displayed here. River Tam may not beat everyone up, as that would be the end of our plot, and bring Torchwood down wanting samples.

5) We're off to see the Mayor!
Cast - Doctor, Spoon, Muldoon, Ace, (+/- Kate)
- Minor officials need their day to shine. Or in this case, be royal pains in the neck. Multiple attempts should be made to get in to see someone with more authoritative power than the undersecretary of motorway sanitation (or somesuch title), and fail. In various ways.
- Meet Mr. McShane. For great Ace behaving like she's 16 again. It'll be like old times, Professor. No kneecapping in official buildings.
- Cakenapping - on the way out to deal with the Cheetahs themselves, they are going to be stopped on suspicion of cakenapping the mayor's afternoon dessert. It's sad, Ace has means and motive.
- Bovine conspiracy.

6) Taking Matters into our Own Hands. Again.
Cast - everyone but the damsels
- Finding out about the damsels. Bonus points for using every nickname Raven has. >.>
- Coming up with a good plan. Options thus far: Sending the two remaining werewolves in for a bit of catherding, or burning them out. I feel that somewhere, some piece of utterly strange alien machinery needs to be involved. This is DW-verse after all. Perhaps to convince them they really do need to live elsewhere?

7) Into the Breech
Cast - the whole gang!
- Putting plan into action.
- Great Damsel Acting. Yis. :D

8) We're All Fine Here. Really. How Are You?
Cast - Ace and Spoon. And Muldoon? And Doctor? And... anyone else? Bueller?
- Having a chat with the McShanes.
- Kneecapping.

Ideas? Questions? Comments? Random emoticons? I'd like to start threading this week, if at all possible. Slowtime is always good if people have wonky schedules.


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