Apr. 4th, 2008

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Ace is pretty jazzed, actually. She really enjoys showing off this 'verse - there's so many awesome things to see here. Going to the beach is terribly boring on the grand scale (usually), but it's a start, and the warmth will be brilliant after that pseudo-Scotland they all live in.
"Annnn' here we go! White sand, blue water, an' glowin' grapes ahoy!" She crows happily, and leans on the lever to open the massive doors.
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Well. She supposes she can no longer rib the Doctor about forgetting about the end of the world - she managed to overlook the fact half the kids in her town were brand new exclusive carnivores. She'd be embarrassed, except she doesn't really think she has the time to waste. She can be embarrassed later. Now, she's going to try to find one particular TARDIS in the vastness of time and space.

Failing that, she's going to bang her head against the wall until inspiration strikes. She rather hopes this call connects.
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The clear signs on how to get anywhere have disappeared once they left the London Underground system. The question is: Does anyone remember where the TARDIS was parked?

And perhaps more importantly:

Is anyone going to feed that black cat that's trailing them?
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Ahhh, London. The historic architecture. The innumerable statues. The culture, the bustle, the people.

And, of course, one very unhappy magical werewolf.

No place can ever be perfect.
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And away we go! I've got three threads up, one for everyone (sans Doctor), one for the damsels and Mal, and one for non-damsels.

1) Arriving in Perivale - Currently anyone who wants it can tag, so go for it. Generally, it's Perivale outside, not a nice sunny beach, and there may be cows (at anyone's discretion - there's a specific breed needed). One of our three werewolves needs to make a break for the city somewhere in here, and the pursuit can move to thread 3. Gen, we're short a Rabastan - want River to make a runner?

2) Calling the Doctor - Currently the cast is: Doctor, Spoon, Muldoon, and Ace. Tag goes to anyone who wants it.

3) Magical Werewolf in London - Currently the cast is: Mal, River, and Raven. Tag goes to anyone who wants it. No holes barred, and DW has a long history of disturbing those in power personally, so knock yourselves out. :D

4) Cat Food - Currently the cast is: Mal, River, and Raven. Tag goes to anyone who wants it, timing is post-MWiL. I'm going to create an OOC journal for some kitty icons.

Found by Madb - Pictures of places in Perivale, here. Sadly they didn't take a shot of the youth center, but most everything else is there.


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