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Ace is learning, the hard way, that not only are manual materializations a bitch and a half to run, doing multiples thereof in a short span of time is proving somewhat impossible.

It shouldn't be. She can prove it on paper.

It's bloody frustrating. She and Skrith have been over and over it, arguing, ripping the theory apart and putting it back together in a kaleidoscope of fashions and, on one memorable night, they got ridiculously drunk (Ace had the absinthe) over it.

Yes, that would be the night they managed to sneak past the MPs and paintballed Romana's TARDIS.

G'on. You know you think it's hilarious. Besides, what were you lot expecting when allowing two cats to hang out together for a prolonged period of time?

But beyond earning a reputation for being more than a little insane as a fighter and tactician, she's earning a reputation of being... a little unpredictable. Not that anyone's running on an even emotional keel these days, but more than one person has had their heads bitten off by a suddenly growly pyro.

Ace's TARDIS, and those of a dozen of her better pilots, shudder into existence in the ranks. Ace steps out first, and peers up at the top of her TARDIS, scowling, before disappearing back inside.

Guessing by the way the other pilots avoid Ace's TARDIS like the plague? It's a grumpy night. She comes back out eventually, with equipment to scale up to the top of the ship and find out what's still smoldering up there.
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