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Growing up, Ace didn't have much in the way of memories surrounding the kitchen.

Not good ones, anyway.

Mum didn't really cook, and neither did da. Endless take-away and vegemite sandwiches don't really leave that much of an impression. There was the incident with the coffee mugs, but Ace doesn't talk about that, just like how she doesn't explain how she came by the scar over the back of her right shoulder.

Food got scarce in the kitchen, at the end, when she resorted to dipping into her own paycheck to make sure there was something in there other than the vaguely green bread that'd gone off some time during the start of the Cold War.

That's why the Wells kitchen had been something of a revelation. It had food, both in its more elemental form, and in the delicious creations Annie whipped up. And it wasn't just that.

There were family breakfasts (and lunches, and dinners, when everyone was there and not moonstruck). There were down-and-dirty card games, with chores used as chips. There were cups of tea when things went to hell. There was one memorable night (afternoon, to be very honest) when everyone was out except she and Spoon... and the smirking from elder Wells for the rest of the bloody month. There was midnight raiding parties, cookie-making attempts between pyro and daughter, a food-fight Annie had smacked them all for, and...

And it was good.

Which might be why, after the longish sort of day Ace has had, trying and failing to patch together her brother, she pauses on her way to the stairs and sits, a bit limply, in one of the kitchen chairs.

Or maybe she just needed a place to sit, before falling on the floor became her only option.

Either way, the chair and the table are comfortable enough that when her husband comes down to investigate, she's sound asleep.
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