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Apr. 13th, 2008 12:53 pm
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To Whom It May Concern:
Situation dealt with.
Next time, please tell your
companion to not be quite so
voluble. Will be in town
for a few more days if needed.
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And away we go! I've got three threads up, one for everyone (sans Doctor), one for the damsels and Mal, and one for non-damsels.

1) Arriving in Perivale - Currently anyone who wants it can tag, so go for it. Generally, it's Perivale outside, not a nice sunny beach, and there may be cows (at anyone's discretion - there's a specific breed needed). One of our three werewolves needs to make a break for the city somewhere in here, and the pursuit can move to thread 3. Gen, we're short a Rabastan - want River to make a runner?

2) Calling the Doctor - Currently the cast is: Doctor, Spoon, Muldoon, and Ace. Tag goes to anyone who wants it.

3) Magical Werewolf in London - Currently the cast is: Mal, River, and Raven. Tag goes to anyone who wants it. No holes barred, and DW has a long history of disturbing those in power personally, so knock yourselves out. :D

4) Cat Food - Currently the cast is: Mal, River, and Raven. Tag goes to anyone who wants it, timing is post-MWiL. I'm going to create an OOC journal for some kitty icons.

Found by Madb - Pictures of places in Perivale, here. Sadly they didn't take a shot of the youth center, but most everything else is there.
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Ahhh, London. The historic architecture. The innumerable statues. The culture, the bustle, the people.

And, of course, one very unhappy magical werewolf.

No place can ever be perfect.
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The clear signs on how to get anywhere have disappeared once they left the London Underground system. The question is: Does anyone remember where the TARDIS was parked?

And perhaps more importantly:

Is anyone going to feed that black cat that's trailing them?
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Well. She supposes she can no longer rib the Doctor about forgetting about the end of the world - she managed to overlook the fact half the kids in her town were brand new exclusive carnivores. She'd be embarrassed, except she doesn't really think she has the time to waste. She can be embarrassed later. Now, she's going to try to find one particular TARDIS in the vastness of time and space.

Failing that, she's going to bang her head against the wall until inspiration strikes. She rather hopes this call connects.
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Ace is pretty jazzed, actually. She really enjoys showing off this 'verse - there's so many awesome things to see here. Going to the beach is terribly boring on the grand scale (usually), but it's a start, and the warmth will be brilliant after that pseudo-Scotland they all live in.
"Annnn' here we go! White sand, blue water, an' glowin' grapes ahoy!" She crows happily, and leans on the lever to open the massive doors.
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Updated List o'Pups
Doctor - Eight
+/- Kate?

Threads/Plot Points to be Accomplished
1) Pre-plot: The Cheetahs take exception to a nosy architect and his crew making holes in their walls.

2)Arrival in Perivale
- Cast = everyone sans Doctor
- General escaping into the wilds of suburban Perivale
- Someone needs to find a terribly cute black kitty that is actually a feline vulture. Oops?
- Cue flailing
- Scattering - Rabastan, not enjoying this vacation nearly as much as he had hoped (aliens and no magic and bigger on the inside eek!) heads for the hills (and supposedly greater sanity). A group us after him to bring him back. Raven, Mal, River (+/-Kate?) are our chasers-of-loose-werewolf. Note: There is a London Tube station in the area. This group could go quite far afield, if wanted.
- Bovine conspiracy?

3)Calling on the Doctor
Cast - Ace, Spoon, Muldoon, Doctor, (+/- Kate?)
-... Explanatory title, yes.
- Also, Roger: What would Eight have to say about Ace's death-challenged condition? :D

4) Cat Food: On Sale Now!
- On the way back, Rabastan in tow, our intrepid London explorers have the great misfortune of running into the local cat pack. Raven and Rabastan (And possibly River) are surrounded and captured (thus creating our fantastic damsels in distress), and the rest (Mal +/- Kate) can run for help. Or flag down random cars for help. ... Can Mal drive? >.> Various levels of kick-ass awesomeness to be displayed here. River Tam may not beat everyone up, as that would be the end of our plot, and bring Torchwood down wanting samples.

5) We're off to see the Mayor!
Cast - Doctor, Spoon, Muldoon, Ace, (+/- Kate)
- Minor officials need their day to shine. Or in this case, be royal pains in the neck. Multiple attempts should be made to get in to see someone with more authoritative power than the undersecretary of motorway sanitation (or somesuch title), and fail. In various ways.
- Meet Mr. McShane. For great Ace behaving like she's 16 again. It'll be like old times, Professor. No kneecapping in official buildings.
- Cakenapping - on the way out to deal with the Cheetahs themselves, they are going to be stopped on suspicion of cakenapping the mayor's afternoon dessert. It's sad, Ace has means and motive.
- Bovine conspiracy.

6) Taking Matters into our Own Hands. Again.
Cast - everyone but the damsels
- Finding out about the damsels. Bonus points for using every nickname Raven has. >.>
- Coming up with a good plan. Options thus far: Sending the two remaining werewolves in for a bit of catherding, or burning them out. I feel that somewhere, some piece of utterly strange alien machinery needs to be involved. This is DW-verse after all. Perhaps to convince them they really do need to live elsewhere?

7) Into the Breech
Cast - the whole gang!
- Putting plan into action.
- Great Damsel Acting. Yis. :D

8) We're All Fine Here. Really. How Are You?
Cast - Ace and Spoon. And Muldoon? And Doctor? And... anyone else? Bueller?
- Having a chat with the McShanes.
- Kneecapping.

Ideas? Questions? Comments? Random emoticons? I'd like to start threading this week, if at all possible. Slowtime is always good if people have wonky schedules.
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Pups involved
Poitr and/or River
Doctor - Eight
Raven and/or Galadan (to go with the and/or River)

Tentative Plot Outline
1) Perivale needs updating, and thus, developers are courted to rebuild and refurnish large parts of the devitalized city center. The former youth center (sekritly Cheetah Central) is one of the 'to be destroyed' zones.
2) Meanwhile, back in Milliways, a Plan is made to escape the chilly Scottish weather and go play at the beach. Can start with Ace and Spoon, then grabbing Mal and Muldoon and Raven, and them grabbing River and Galadan and Kate and Poitr? Or some combination thereof? Or the crowd accidentally just scooping up anyone left out? Yis? *obviously a fuzzy point*
3) TARDIS Steering Accident, wherein the wrong coordinates were entered in all the excitement, and instead of a lovely tropical beach, they're in Perivale. For great Ace going 'waugh'. People can then escape said TARDIS before Ace can take off again, and a kitling (the feline version of a vulture) can be found, thus triggering an emergency call for the Doctor from Ace (because Cheetahs WAUGH). For great 'was calling the Doctor a multiple choice question?'
4) Let's make this easy: Let's tell the board not to destroy the Youth Center.
This, of course, does not work. For great wanting to hit minor officials with their own nameplates. Or actual hitting of minor officials with their own nameplates, since quite a few of this bunch are known to be on the violent side.
4) The problem being with fighting Cheetahs on their own turf is you do it too much, or too happily, and the enemy will be you, soon enough. And I doubt Ace'd be too happy with the killing of kitties (unless it's kitlings - death to kitlings) because they are people, like Kara was people (though Mitch, one of the original british-cheetahs and an old friend of hers, he might not have been people). ANYWAY. Thought - if they were burned out of their current home, they'd go seek greener pastures, like the original band of Cheetahs did in 'Survival'. OR OTHER IDEA TO BE SUGGESTED GOES HERE.
a) Other idea the first: The werewolf contingent, already infected with what might consider the anti-cat, rout out the Cheetah contingent.
5) Side-plots of doom, feel free to add more, because DW is made of sideplots.
a) There are currently (as of 2006) Highland Cows in Perivale, in the park where Ace used to hang out with her mates. The date of cow-arrival would have to be shoved back into the 1990's, or else these would be rather elderly Cheetahs, but still. For great Bovine Conspiracy.
b) Possible: The Doctor still owes those grocers money for all that cat food.
c) Spoon + Perivale = (Ace's parents + crowbar) - telephone
d) Rabastan needs heroing training: We has our own Mickey! Except he's sometimes fuzzy. And doesn't have a body double. And they're cats, not green gassy things.

Ideas? Questions? Comments? Random emoticons?
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Sometimes Ace works when she's trying to avoid thinking about something.

Sometimes she runs.

Tonight, she's perched on the 'roof' of her TARDIS, a leftover fireflower burning in her hands.

Sometimes you can't not think.
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She'd just been doing a little tidying up. If she didn't, she was sure eventually all of the clutter that tends to accumulate in the various closets and desks and lockers would join together in one big mess-monster, and Ace tries not to create her own opponents.

She'd forgotten about the box. She'd meant to space it, long ago. Drop it in a black hole somewhere. Feed it to the TARDIS's engines. But between one thing and another, it didn't get done.

She's always been a bit of a shutter bug, especially when the camera is a good deal more high-tech than anything she grew up with. But she's always been more comfortable with prints than holograms, thus, shoeboxes, filled with pictures. This one, she meant to destroy.

She didn't.

She didn't even label the damn thing. If she had, she certainly wouldn't have opened it.

They look happy. Don't they look happy? They're smiling, anyway. In all of them, smiling. That should have been a clue. No one smiles that much, not unless they're hiding something. Right?

Unless they're just happy.

She can remember the happiness behind those smiles, before the lies, the pain, the lack of trust. Before she finally grew a spine and put her foot down. Before she stopped taking pictures and adding them to this box.


Does she really want to deal with another box, a few years down the road?

A few hours later, Ace closes the Eye of Harmony, sets the brakes to stop any temporal drift, and wonders as she heads out into the freezing pseudo-Scotland if the ghost of Eddie Dean would hit her too hard over the head if she got drunk tonight.
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By the time they reach the TARDIS, Ace is in nearly wild mood, what with his suggestions and the way he smells. One of them had better find a key quick.
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Thankfully, the TARDIS is helpful in matters of hauling unconscious werewolves to the bed. Ace manages to get Spoon's boots off, and then pulls the comforter over him. He can sleep it off there. She then grabs a book and settles down to read, sprawled on the bed beside him.
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She thinks, belatedly, that maybe this should be done in Yorkshire.

All sorts of symbolism and other things she tends not to think about.

But this is her TARDIS, which responds (usually) to her commands, and she's almost got the old girl fixed up entirely, and the med bay is just over there, and the bedroom is just down the hall that way, and the kitchen has been restocked recently, and her library is warm and comfortable and more familiar than any place in Yorkshire.

Besides, there's plenty of symbolism here too. She lost the ability to die in the 'verse this TARDIS comes from, and it happened not twenty feet from its door. Now here's where she'll get it back.



Carefully she reaches out, find a rare bit of wood on her console, and raps her knuckles against it. No call to be jinxing things.
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The church is once again invaded by one small heathen pyro, but at least this time, she hasn't come for a fight.

She isn't entirely sure why she's come, other than Spoon suggested it, and maybe Father Anselm might have some idea on how to fix the mess she's in now. If it can be fixed at all. Thus, it is a rather subdued and cautious pyro that's peeking into the main church, wondering what the best method of tracking down a Father is when you aren't going for the scary look.

She also has a puppy. To be accurate, she has five dogs. But she's carrying one. She hasn't let him go since Spoon shoved him in her arms.
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Ace has decided, as she paces the narrow, winding strip of floor in the cavernous prep area where various dancers are being primped for upcoming dances, that this is more nerve-wracking than facing an unbeatable army of Daleks.

At least one knows what to expect from Daleks.

Here, she wonders if her outfit can compare with some of the crazy dresses other ladies have managed to cook up. She wonders if Annie managed to corral Wells into coming. She wonders if Spoon remembered to bring everything. She wonders if she's going to fall flat on her face out there. She wonders if their number (143) has anything to do with their future place in the competition.

Where are Daleks when you need them, anyway?
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She's not really sleeping. Really. But if anyone can find a cat that doesn't like sprawling in a stray sunbeam, that person might consider calling the Vatican, since that'd be a bonified miracle.

So there's an Ace, a fair distance from the goats, sprawled in the grass, dreamily watching clouds go by, soaking up the lovely summer sun.

If anything, Ace has learned how to enjoy the moment, in her long life.
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There's only so much bomb-making she can do before all the wires start to look the same. Since that's not a healthy way to try to survive, she takes breaks.

Today she's taking a break by studying magazines. If the Cybermen are dealt with, there's a dance competition coming up. She's sprawled on the couch, deep in fashion magazines.

Yes, miracles do happen.
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Ace... generally can not be trusted to do much construction work on her own. It's not that she slacks off, or leaves things unfinished, she just... tends to chose more... creative methods of getting results. So generally, such things are best left to those that won't try to use upper-level physics to make a fence.

She can, however, be trusted to sort out a machine that already exists. She's currently elbow-deep in the engine of a mower, trying to figure out which part of it went south to bring the whole thing to a halt. The goats bleat at her now and then, and she can smell Annie's cooking, and generally, it's a very nice English summer day.
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Ace is a practiced time-traveler. She knows how to get in and out of trouble with ease.

That does not mean she likes jail cells. Especially the ultra-techy ones that don't even have windows or locks that can be jimmied by a hair pin or something. Thus, Ace is sulking, sitting on the floor, waiting for something to happen.

Things do tend to happen, after all.
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